What is it about Ferraris?

Sometimes you want to hate Ferrari.
The power brand.
The merchandise.
Ferrari World.
Kim Kardashian.
Justin Bieber.

Will the new rich screw it all up?

A red Ferrari.
The epitome of bad taste.
A vulgar display of wealth.
Shopping cars for the rich.
Rarely taken to the track.


Sometimes you can’t stop thinking about Ferrari.
The history.
The engineering.
The oldest, most successful racing team.
16 Constructor Championships.
15 Drivers’ Championships.
Lauda (Danke Niki).

Old Ferraris.
The 250 GTO.
The Daytona.
The F40.
The Dino 246.
The Testarossa.

Cars you’d give an organ for. Even one of the really useful ones.

The glamour.
Steve McQueen.
Peter Sellers.
James Coburn.
Senna – he knew a thing or two.
Magnum – why not?

There are probably better cars.
Faster cars.
Cheaper to run cars.

But Ferraris…
Particularly old Ferraris…

Pulse quickens.

One day.

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